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United States
Ello fine viewer! As you may have realized, you are on Blacklily22's page; that's me! Few things to know, I am a Graphic Communication Design student who draws in various mediums and writes on occasion.
In addition, I am also a cosplayer and take pride in the fact that I make just about everything in my cosplays. My favorite and most well loved cosplay to date is Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, but Dead Master from Black Rock Shooter is a close second.
The majority of my time is spent surfing the internet, playing video games, reading, sometimes writing, drawing, and working on cosplay.
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to message me or comment somewhere.

You can check me on tumblr here... ^^

Or check out a few fanfictions I have here if you ever want to read something ;)…


Targeted by BlackLily22
Another shot of Connor. It was fun wearing him, got to climb all sorts of trees and high places!

If you want to see more of my cosplay sooner (because I can be sort of slow posting here to DA), I'm always very active and posting cosplay stuff up on my tumblr page .Love 

Connor Kenway
Assassin's Creed 3

Taken at Ohayocon 2015
Crooked Smile by BlackLily22
Crooked Smile
Another shot of my Percy Jackson cosplay. Planning on redoing his wig after meeting a really fantastic percy cosplayer this last weekend (it was awesome! @.@) but till then this will do.

Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus

Photography by Vizzie
Taken at Ohayocon 2015
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Anime OSTs
  • Reading: A Natural History of Dragons
  • Watching: Lots of Stuff
  • Playing: Mass Effect 2
  • Eating: Mac n Cheese
Ello DA! So... ha... whoops haven't written anything for quite some time. I blame life for that. Regardless, just wanted to give a general update of conventions I'll be going to in the future and cosplays I'll be premiering at each. A lot of the cosplay schedules are up in the air at the moment, so as I draw closer to each I'll post a confirmed list here and on my tumblr page. That's all this journal is, in addition to letting you people know I'm alive.

2015 Cons

Ohayocon 2015
That's old news. Said and done. Moving on.

Animarathon 2015
BGSU - One day convention March 21

Saturday - Jaden Yuki from Yugioh GX
Playing a  Facedown by BlackLily22

Colossalcon 2015
(kind of still in the air at the moment)
Sandusky - June 4-7th

Thursday- Wont attend
Friday- Link from new WII U version and/or Dead Master
Saturday - Noctis from FFXV
Sunday - Dead Master and/or Comfy clothes
Green Embers by BlackLily22

Matsuricon 2015
Columbus August 14-16

Friday - Yami Yugi from Yugioh (could switch to Saturday)
Saturday - Hak from Akastuki no Yona
Sunday - Connor from Assassin's Cree 3 (with tomahawk hopefully)

?? Cincinnati Comic Expo 2015 ??
(If I'm still nearby it)
Cincinnati September 18-20

Saturday only - Unknown (link or Yami likely)

That's all for the 2015 season. I'd love to go to Youmacon in November, but there's a lot in the air. There may be other cons I attend as well. It'll just depend. But Matusricon and Animarathon are definite for sures unless the unexpected happens.

T.T.F.N Ta Ta For Now

Take the Shot by BlackLily22
Take the Shot
So many feels with this shot!!! It makes me so happy! :happybounce:
Thanks again to Grey Roamer Photography for snapping this beautiful photograph!Clap 

Connor Kenway

Assassin’s Creed III

Cosplay made and worn by me

Photography by GreyRoamer Photography (Psssst check his stuff, super awesome portrait photography)

Taken at Ohayocon 2015

  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: Calvin Harris
  • Reading: His Majesty's Dragon
  • Watching: Once Upon a Time S3
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Colossalcon, it approaches quickly! And up until tonight I was stressing about it to no end. Why? Has something to do with Yami being barely done. :crazy: So why am I not stressed now you are most likely not wondering? Because he is being held off. Yup. Yami is being, has to be, put off for another convention. :( It makes me very sad, but it was necessary. My lovely little Yugi mad-mari and myself still have tons to do on both of our King of Games wigs and costumes, as well as other stuff before Colossal. So alas, he will be put off. If I am able to attend Matsuricon this year, that is when he will be premiered. Actually, strike that. Whatever con I am able to attend after Colossal that mad-mari will be at we will bust them out (seeming as no convention is set in stone for me, though several are on my radar.) Mental note to self to follow this lovely lady's philosophy that if the cosplay is not mostly done two to three weeks before a con, scrap it for another con. -_-

With that PSA out of the way onto what is being worn this weekend, which is as follows:

Friday AM/PM- Jaden Yuki from YGOGX
Friday Formal Dance- Formal Jaden
Saturday (All Day)- Dead Master from BRS WITH SCYTHE (MUCH MUCH EXCITE :excited: )
Sunday (All Day)- Navi from LOZ Ocarina of Time (with :iconmad-mari: as Link)

In addition, Saturday, as VeneficusMagister said, I will be again entering the Craftsmanship competition with Dead Master, for which I am excited.

Feel free to say hi to me if you're at the convention if you want . ;)

T.T.F.N Ta Ta For Now

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